Manx Folklore

Manx Folklore

The Isle of Man is steeped in folklore, tales, superstitions and magic -  it's everywhere!

As a result there is an endless vein of intriguing subject matter in which the mind can go a-wandering. Whether you return the same person, who knows. There are tales of people who never return!

Manannan's Cloak

Manannan Mac Lir is the chief deity of the Isle of Man, he is Protector of the realm of Mann, God of the Underworld, God of the Land of Eternal Youth, a powerful Magician and many more things besides. (see Ancient Irish Tales)

This picture was done with pencil and white pen on the grey backing board of an

old pad of paper. That wasn't the original plan, but that's where he ended up.  

Available in this original slate grey version and a sepia version as A5 blank greetings cards and limited edition prints 

Moddey Dhoo (Black Dog)

The most famous Moddey Dhoo is that which frequents Peel Castle, but there is more than one. They are often shape-shifters and do more than just scare people to death.

This was done with dip pen and ink on blue ingres paper with white and silver pens, chinagraph pencil, liquid paper and nail varnish.

Available as cards and limited edition prints.

The Old Men of Baldwin

High up in the Manx hills there are a row of old gnarled hawthorns. Bent backwards by the winds, they keep a watchful eye on the comings and goings of us mortal-folk. 

A pencil and watercolour pencil illustration.

Available as cards and limited edition prints.

The Story of Kitty Kerruish

The tale of the mortal Kitty Kerruish and the elfin Uddereek, love, betrayal and the Phynoderree.

Pencil and coloured pencil on ingres paper.

Available as cards and limited edition prints.

Yn Skeealleyder (The Storyteller)

Although not officially a direct character from Manx Folklore, there have been storytellers around for as long as there have been stories to tell.

Drawn on oiled Manilla paper (my favourite) with pencil, coloured pencil, gold pens, chinagraph pencil, liquid paper and a wee spot of gouache.

Available as cards and limited edition prints

Tehi Tegi

The delightfully wicked enchantress - Tehi Tegi of the Raven Wing. She does exactly what she looks like she's going to do - it might all look very promising, but it never bodes well. She is a collector of men. She keeps them for as long as they amuse her, then she feeds them to her river horses.

Oiled Manilla base, pencil, white and coloured pencils, marker pen.

Available as cards and limited edition prints.